Built-in Shut-off Motor Valve for Smart Gas meter

Model No.: RKF-4Ⅱ

Short Description:

Model No.: RKF-4Ⅱ Built -in Shut-off Motor Valve for Smart Gas meter
This product is a special valve installed in a gas meter to control gas disconnection.The product adopts a snap-on design and does not use screws, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance. It can be assembled into various specifications of gas meters. In addition, it has the characteristics of low cost and low pressure loss.

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Installation location

The motor valve may be installed in the smart gas meter.

Valve installation

Product Advantages:

Built-in screw Motor Valve’s Advantages
1.Low pressure drop
2.Stable structure Max pressure can reach 200mbar
3.Small shape, easy installing
4.Low costs
5.Snap design with high rust resistance

Instruction For Use

1.Two-line, four-line and five-line models are available for this type of valve. The red wire is connected to positive power (or negative power), and the black wire is connected to negative power (or positive power) to open the valve (specifically, it can be set according to customer needs). The other 2 or 3 wires can be signal wires of open/close.
2.Four-wire or five-wire valve opening and closing process time setting: When opening and closing the valve, when the detection device detects that the opening or closing valve is in place, it needs to delay 300ms before stopping the power supply, and the total time of opening the valve is about 1s.
3.The minimum drive voltage of the valve shall not be lower than 3V. If the current limit design is in the process of opening and closing the valve, the current limit value shall not be lower than 120mA
4.The motor valve opening and closing can be judged by detecting the locked-rotor current in the circuit. The locked-rotor current value can be calculated according to the working cut-off voltage of the circuit design, which is only related to the voltage and resistance value.

Tech Specs

Items requirements Standard

Working medium

Natural gas,LPG

Flow range


Pressure Drop


Meter suit


Operating voltage



ExicⅡBT4 Gc

EN 16314-2013

Operating temperature


EN 16314-2013

Relative humidity



2KPa or 7.5ka 1L/h

EN 16314-2013

Motor electric performance


Current-limited resistance


Max current


opening time


Closing time


Pressure loss

With meter case≤200Pa

EN 16314-2013



EN 16314-2013

Installation location


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