Gas meter High temperature connector

Model No.: SC-A1W

Short Description:

Model No.: Gas meter High temperature connector


This connector can be used in gas meter, which can connect the circuits inside and outside the gas meter. What is different is that this connector can withstand high temperature of 650℃ (ignition of natural gas) without leakage, completely eliminating the risk of gas explosion caused by this. The pin count of this connector can be customized

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Installation location

The connector is always installed on the shell of gas meter. 

Built-in motor ball valve’s Advantages

1.High temperature tolerance(650°C)

2.Stable connection

3.Good electrical conductivity

4.Good sealing performance

5.Full pin customization: from 2 Pin to 10 Pin

This male connector can be connected with corresponding female connector as shown below. The male connector should be installed on the meter shell, and the female plug can be wired with valve and other sensors in the gas meter. The male connector acts as a connection between the inside and outside of the case and seals against gas leakage.



Male and female connector
Connection with femal connector
Conector installation
Male connector and plug

Tech Specs

Adapter type: Gas meter Bulkhead
Working Pressure Range: 0~75kPa(750mbar)
Operating Temperature: -25°C~+650°C
Internal Leakage: < 0.0005L/h (750mbar)
Lifetime: ≥10 years

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