How to Select a Valve for Your Gas Meters?

The motor valves are installed inside of the gas meters. Generally, there are three types for household gas meters: 1. fast-closing shut-off valve; 2. normal gas shut-off valve; 3. motor ball valve. In addition, if an industrial gas meter needs to be adapted, an industrial gas meter valve is required.

Here are their features and differences:

The fast-closing shut-off valve can be closed instantly, so it is named after its fast speed when closing. This gas shut-off valve has a gear-and-rack driving structure and it is adaptable to G1.6-G4 gas meters. Moreover, it can be added with 1(or 2) end switches (to pass open/closed-in-place signals).

The normal shut-off valve is smaller compared to the fast-closing shut-off valve, so it cannot be added with an end switch. This valve It’s a screw driving shut-off valve, and it is also applicable to G1.6-G4 gas meters.

The gas meter ball valve can be used with a higher flow rate. It’s a gear driving ball valve and it is adaptable to a wider gas meter flow range, from G1.6 to G6. It can be added with 1 or 2 end switches as well. Moreover, its structure enables it to pass the dust test.

The industrial shut-off valve can be used in gas meters with much higher flow rate. The industrial motor valve has a screw driving structure, and it is applicable to G6-G25 gas meters. This type of valve can also be added with 1 or 2 end switches.

All these gas meter valves can be used in natural gas and LPG as well. Some of these motor valves can be made into external valves, so its application range is wide enough, sufficient for every-day gas use.

Post time: May-30-2022