Zigbee Wireless smart valve controller

Model No.: SC-A1B

Short Description:

Zigbee smart valve controller is a manipulater, which can be installed with manual ball valve on the pipeline. Users can remotely control the opening and closing of the valve on the APP through Zigbee. At the same time, it can connect with smart gas or water leakage alarm, smart socket. When leakage happens, it can automatically close the gas or water valve, avoid safety risks and property damage.

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Smart valve controller - For a smart home

The samrt controller belongs to intelligent enviromental contolling equipment, which can connected with gas or water leakage alarm. when leakage happens, it will receive the signal from monitoring euipments such as gas or water alarm and close the valve in time. Users can also remotely control the actuator by APP though Zigbee.

water valve
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Wire connected smart valve controller Advantages

1.Easy to be installed, You can quickly achieve intelligent control without changing a new valve.
2.Unique look, It’s a better choice for a smart home.
3.Extended function, Reserve space for more intelligent improvment.
4.Lower cost, Wire connect type retains the core functionality and removes the extra expense.
5.Wired communication with various linkage alarms
6.Zigbee connection powered by TUYA

Production Option

1. Standard type valve controller
2. a linked gas or water alarm

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Valve controller’s installation

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Valve controller *1

Bracket *1set

M6×30 screw *2

1/2” rubber ring *1(optional)

Hexagon wrench*1

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when the tube is 1-inch, the rubber ring should be used inside of the bracket. when tube is 1/2'' or 3/4'', only to take off the rubber ring to fix the bracket throug the 2 screws

Adjust the controller position,
Ensure the output shaft of the manipulator
And the center line of the valve shaft
Coaxial line

less than 21mm tube, sub-accessories should be used.

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Valve controller *1
Bracket *1set
M6×30 screw *2
1/2” rubber ring *1(optional)
Hexagon wrench*1

sc01 (9)

1,put the rubber ring on the tube

2,fix the bracket on the rubber ring

3, tighten the screw.

Butterfly  valve

sc01 (12)

1,put of the wrench

2,change the butterfly valve wrench, and tighten the screw。

3, fix the wrench to the butterfly valve

Mark: through the screwn to adjust the width of the butterfly valve wrench

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Tech Specs

Operating temperature: -10℃-50℃,
Operating environment humidity: <95%
Operating voltage 12V
Operating current 1A
Max pressure 1.6Mpa
torque 30-60 N.m
Opening time 5~10s
Closing time 5~10s
Pipeline type 1/2’ 3/4
Valve type Flat wrench ball valve, butterfly valve
Control way  Zigbee, Wired connection


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→ water valve controling

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→ gas valve controling

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